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Forensic Engineering and Failure Analysis


Failure Analysis Engineering - Application of All

Engineering Disciplines in the Investigation

of Distress and Failure in Engineered Systems.


Forensic Engineering - Specialized Services as

Consultants to Members of the Legal Profession

and as Expert Witnesses in Courts of Law, 

Arbitration and Administrative Proceedings.


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POST TENSIONED BRIDGE ANCHORAGE; Before, After, and FEA Simulation of failure mechanism.



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Mechanical Systems:

Vibration Equipment, Stainless Steel Weldmens. Failure Mechanism - Fatigue Cracks at Fillet Welds




The design of some structures involve several engineering disciplines.  When these structures fail, the failure mechanism is usually also multi-disciplinary.  In this case, a large scale water feature was built using large Limestone blocks interlocked horizontally and attached to a concrete substrate.  The wall was 350 feet long, consisting of a straight and curved section.  The height increased from 6 to 16 feet tall.  Environmental conditions were severe, subject to wide seasonal variation in temperature and moisture.


wall06.jpg (197487 bytes)  wall05.jpg (211833 bytes)  WALL07.jpg (270443 bytes)  WALL09.jpg (185705 bytes)  


The curved water wall was designed and constructed without espansion joints.  Following the first failure event, the wall was rebuilt without expansion joints.


wall01.jpg (136730 bytes)  wall04.jpg (125354 bytes)  wall02.jpg (206608 bytes)  WALL03.jpg (170825 bytes)


After the second failure, the owners retained GES Tech Group, Inc. to determine the actual cause of the repeated failures.  Clear evidence of seasonal expansion and contraction due thermal and moisture effects was present in the wall and ultimately was identified as the cause.  Extensive non-linear FEA formulations confirmed the failure mechanism.


DSC01484.JPG (1476566 bytes)  DSC01494.JPG (1339236 bytes)


Water Wall, Summer 2009 (no failures following second rebuild with joints)




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